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Friday, October 3, 2008

Come To The Partaaayyyyyyyyyy

Hey there young gossipettes! life is just about to hit the fast lane in boring little arcadia, why do you ask? one word. PARTAAAAYYYYY thats right, the party starts tonight! our good friend Colton is hosting an open house party tonight! it all starts at nine o'clock, and i know you were wondering but don't worry! NO PARENTS this is the begining of one exciting evening. So ladies put your best oufits on and fellas, be prepared because it is the place to be on this friday night. And its sure to put a stir on the gossip life over here, now that TJ came out of the closet after being caught "mackin" on Pete at last weekends game, and oh yes! the man whore, Jack, asked the frashman kasey out two days ago. rumor has it hes just going to get in her pants then dump her on her sorry ass, sorry honey, keep your legs closed! We will look out for up and coming cute (and not-so-cute) couples making their debut tonight as well! This ought to be one hell of a mixer and if your not there, your nowhere. I'll be sure to update soon devoted readers!

alls fair in love and gossip,

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

your turn

.so gossip lovers.. it would be totally nice to hear what you like, think. so this post is for all you gossip girls and guys out there, leave your own news here. just click the comments link and have a good time. really though, please do. post it whenever, as much as you want!! it would be totally fun for you and like wayy help us out with remembering our own stories for you! so to all you devilish devas out there, this is the one place you can be catty and get away with it, you can even change names/places/dates/times/ect, whatever you feel comfortable sharing share! go crazzyy!

alls fair in love and gossip
xoxo kandi and guava

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Party Hardy.

.before we get to the goods. i would appreicate anyone who reads this to take a moment of scilence for those who lost their lives, family and friends on septemeber 11. thank you.

.hey peeps. so, what happens when 5 football playas get together and through a party? well, duhh, party gets around school and everyone whose anyone goes. but what happens when these 5 football playas get busted? well, obvi, juicy gossip for you.
now, since these are arcadia football players were talking about, these plans were flawed. i mean, sure they can play and they are gorgeous, but..well, lets just say, not the brightest of the bunch. text messaging plans is not the most intellectual of ideas, cuz texts are availible to PARENTS online. easy access to all of your personal life (no joke, sucks right?). so, one thing leads to another, and 9 parents break up this bash. too bad for the kids cuz this means GROUNDED! oh and did i mention that no more sports for anyone there? yeah, so arcadia, get ready for a tuff season with 3 people on each team. oh and, arcadia, be careful, theres always a parent or two paying close attention.
moral of the story ladies and gents? be smart, dont get busted.

alls fair in love and gossip.
guava and kandi.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gossip Shortage.

.hey guys! guava here! sorry we haven't been able to post anything yet. this has been a really slow summer, dont get me wrong it's been like, way super fun and all, but like nothing post worthy has happend yet. im sure once arcadia starts back up we will have tons of juicy deets to fill your daily gossipy needs. we are like wayy totally sorry about the wait, but hang in there, we will soo have some awesome posts like really soon!

alls fair in love and gossip...

Friday, July 25, 2008


.Hey people! its Kandi and Guava here, bringing you the local gossip in our hometown, i know that sounds bad, i mean really putting other peoples information on the Internet without their approval sounds a little harsh but really its for the good of the teens out there that thrive on juicy drama, even if they have no idea who these people are or where they live. this may blow up in our faces one day but for now, we are just having fun. lets start off with everyones favorite subject....US! so, Kandi here! i am pretty much your basic drama thriving teenager like the rest of you out there, only one MAJOR difference... i get to write about all of the drama that happens in our little town JUST FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT!! (and mine too but thats not important) I am the head cheerleader at Arcadia, my private school (don't worry its co-ed) i'll make you do a double take with my fabulous body, and yet i still achieve straight A's every quarter! (go me!) My favorite season is summer (Duh!) my main reason is all the hot guys at the beach with their shirts no where to be seen ;] However, i do love the school year because i am Queen of our school and i tend to be called a teachers pet, but thats TOTALLY NOT TRUE ok i mean really, get serious people. well now that i've told you a little about myself, here is Guava!!! hey guys! Oh my gosh guys this is so exciting, you are all going to love our blog!! anyways, i am majorly into dancing..i lovvee ballet and jazz, but hip hop and tap are also wayy awesome. im even starting to learn how to break dance, THAT should be interesting. So at Arcadia, i also happen to achieve straight A's every marking period, it comes to me naturally. I may not be miss peppy, but my constant dancing keeps me in great shape. I'd have to disagree with Kandi on the favv season, i absolutely adore winter. i mean COME ON who doesnt? cute sweaters and gorgeous boots are always a fashion cozying up with a guy near a fire is always good fun. Oh and Kandi forgot to mention something.. we're both co-leaders of the Pretty Committee in our local community, its tons of fun. Well we gotta hit the sac, but no worries! our next post will be filled with juicy gossip for your enjoyment.
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Alls fair in love and gossip...
Kandi and Guava